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March 15, 2014



Wow! That is one highly organized scraproom! I love the way you have so much within sight and within reach! That is awesome.
Though, I think my favourite part is fluffy kitty on your desk. :)

Rebecca S.

Double Wow! That's one heck of a scraproom. Totally jealous here. You have some mad organizational skills. :D


AWESOME!!! I don't have 1/10 of what you have, and it is NO way as organized as you. I LOVVVVE the kitty on the desk.


It looks really good in here and its full of creative things to make great LOs. So many fun creative elements.


I like the tiny glass jars that hold buttons, etc. neat idea!

Linda E

I initially stopped by your blog to see the pictures of your wonderful scrap room that you mentioned on the two peas message board. Then I stayed to look at your beautiful layouts! Can't wait to visit again!


Simply lovely, and inviting. Love your happy kitty!!

Peggy D

What are you using for a gallery rod? And how are the layouts hanging! What a lovely area.


Peggy-The gallery rod is just a curtain rod from Target. It's a skinny rod that is often referred to as a "cafe window curtain rod". The rings that go on the rod will be right there in the same department where you buy the rod. They have little clips on them and are meant to clip fabric/curtains to the rod to hang at your window, but these clips are perfect for hanging the layouts and they don't leave any marks on the paper.

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