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August 14, 2013


Candice Carpenter

I LOVED watching that! You are so talented. Tell me, what adhesive do you use? Are your pages adhered to chipboard to keep them straight and stiff? Do you find your pages curling or bending due to 3d embellishments? I have books from the past that are all warped because i went crazy with the 3d embellishments. But yours look so beautiful and flat. Love this book!


Thanks, Candice, I'm glad you liked watching the video. Sometimes I feel it's easier to show my work with all the embellishments and dimension via a video rather than what just a picture can capture. Plus it's easier to explain the details.

To answer your questions:
The adhesive I use is the Scotch ATG That's the really big pink gun. I use it in all my's super sticky and doesn't warp the pages. For liquid glue I've found that Fabri-tac (meant for gluing fabric) is surprisingly great for papercrafting...I don't get much, if any, warping with it. I've used it to glue large sheets of paper together and for attaching embellishments. The drawback is that this glue tends to dry out in the bottle quickly if not used regularly. So I've been leaning more toward Glossy Accents for gluing on heavy embellishments. I don't think I'd use it for an all over glue though.

The pages are not adhered to chipboard. They are just attached back to back with my ATG gun and sometimes I add in a little Fabritac...but more and more I'm just using my ATG gun. It is super sticky, so it's a first time commitment when putting them together! I do sometimes use chipboard as the backing for embellishments in mini books to pop them off the page because I find with only foam dots, the embellishments tend to warp when squished in the book.

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